Support PVSB

There are multiple ways to support the Palos Verdes Symphonic Band.

Associates of the Palos Verdes Symphonic Band

As you know, the Band has never sounded better.  Our audiences have expressed their appreciation of the Band's excellent concerts.

In order to ensure that the Band continue to excel, it is necessary that an Associate group of volunteers help with the extra tasks required for each concert. Therefore, the Board has approved the proposal that the PVSB Associates be organized to assist the Band. Some wonderful individuals have been already volunteering, but now the group has become official.  So, it is the Band's hope that you will agree to join the Associates.

Associates will serve as  hosts/hostesses for PVSB events. Helping with a minimum of three each year would be appreciated. Being a host/hostess could mean anything from taking tickets, handing out programs to collecting donations for the Band's CDs.

Dale Korman will be keeping a Master List of the Associates and coordinate final concert coverage and assignments. Once it is known who all the Associates are, a meeting will be set up so that we can clarify all areas in which we can be most helpful. To prove that the Associates are official, BADGES will be ready for wearing at each concert with your name proudly visible.

Now that you have an idea why the Associates are needed, please consider becoming a Founding Member. It would be a pleasure working together in an official capacity for the benefit of the Band.

If you are interested in becoming an Associate of PVSB, contact Dale Korman at

Friends of the Palos Verdes Symphonic Band

The Friends enjoy perks such as complimentary tickets to select concerts depending upon their level of support:

  • $200 and higher  Angels
    • Two Tickets to the Pops Concert or Labor Day Concert
    • One Ticket to the Spring Concert
    • One ticket to the Holiday Concert (SCBG in December)
    • One ticket to the Mother's Day Concert (SCBG in May)
  • $150-$199  Sponsors
    • Two Tickets to the Pops Concert or Labor Day Concert
    • One Ticket to the Spring Concert
  • $100-$149  Contributors
    • Two Tickets to the Pops Concert (SCBG in July) or Labor Day Concert (SCBG in September)
  •  $50-$99  Fans
    • One Ticket to the Pops Concert or Labor Day Concert

Four concerts during the year are at the South Coast Botanic Garden (SCBG). Friends memberships generally follow the band’s concert season beginning the day after Labor Day. Membership contributions are tax deductible (Tax ID No. 95-3776058).

Donate by Check

Send a check with your name, address, phone number, and email address to 

Palos Verdes Symphonic Band

P.O. Box 2041

Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274

The Palos Verdes Symphonic Band is a non-profit community band. We appreciate donations of any amount. PVSB is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, Tax I.D. No. 95-3776058.