Community outreach

Partnership with the Rheuben Allen Education Foundation

The Rheuben Allen Education Foundation promotes music for children by providing instruments to children whose families cannot afford them, hosting instructional videos on its website, and more.

Donate $500 to PVSB and RAEF provides an instrument to an UNDERPRIVILEGED child

In 2013, the Rheuben Allen Education Foundation partnered with the Band's community outreach program. The Rheuben Allen Education Foundation provides an instrument to an underprivileged child when you donate $500 to PVSB. Learn more at the RAEF website.

Children of Disabled American veterans eligible now

The Rheuben Allen Education Foundation, in conjunction with the Palos Verdes Symphonic Band’s Community Outreach Program, announces an opportunity for the children of Disabled American Veterans to own a musical instrument at no cost to them.  The band feels that music is a gift for a lifetime, and we want to offer the opportunity for these children to learn a musical instrument and enjoy all that playing in a band can offer them.  Any donation that you wish to make can help make this possible.  You can learn more about this by personally contacting Rheuben Allen at